Hi there!  My name is Heath Close.

I’m an Indie Developer and Sound Designer living in Fort Worth, TX.

I have been working with audio for over 25 years now.

I’ve specialized in Linear Post Audio, I’ve Produced musicians, coached and directed voice talent, and have a strong background in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio as well as creating sounds from scratch.

I’ve been involved with Game Design for the last 5 years, developed many games and prototypes, learned to code in C#, and have extensive knowledge of the Unity game engine.  I have experience with FMOD and Wwise.

I am currently a project lead and developer for an iOS game and I’m developing an RPG for both Mac and PC.

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Finally put some water sound for that runoff and a little friend to live on those lily pads under the bridge.  Off in the distance is the roar of the waterfall with some custom spatialization in FMOD.
Quick vid showing the stone and wood being detected in C# and changing parameters in FMOD.  Will have to tighten it up some as there was a grass hit a bit too early coming off the bridge, but it’s a solid start.
Got footsteps working. Using code to change parameters in FMOD to change how footfalls sound in game.
Implemented FMOD in my RPG prototype.  Needs a bit of mixing yet and missing things like footsteps and interactive music, but I think I have a good start here…
Audio Design Sample – Upcoming iOS game by Heath Close. (music removed)

Wwise implementation of interactive audio in Unity project.
Recording, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering Spoken Word.
RPG I’m developing.
A ten part video series where I build a game from scratch while teaching a game engine.
FPS Prototype… yes… that’s a wand.
Bruce Lee: Dragon Run is a game I helped developed by tuning and polishing levels and gameplay mechanics. (level design, game design)
Tower Defense Prototype.
Lander Prototype.
GLTCH is a game I developed while teaching a game engine in a video series.
Rail Shooter Prototype.
A 6 part series teaching the Buildbox Game Engine
Idle Arcade Tycoon by Heath Close