February 5

Idle Arcade Tycoon DevLog 001


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Author Note

Hi everyone, thanks for joining the journey. As previously unreleased to the public you can see the whole development of Idle Arcade Tycoon with this series. You will notice as you read (watch) the DevLog that the game didn't become what it is today until DevLog 009, where the game reveals it's eventual direction and is renamed. You're welcome to skip to that point, or see it's early concept develop in it's entirety.

And so it begins…

I've been working on a framework for idle games. I want to release a catalog of idle games. Rather than build each one, I wanted to make one framework that I could then modify and repurpose over and over and over.

So after many late nights, that's what I've done. It doesn't have every little feature every game might want, but the math is intact, sound, and stable. Everything under the hood can translate to any idle game, and it doesn't even need to look like an idle game to use the framework. I built it as an Adventure Capitalist clone just as an uncomplicated representation of seeing the math in motion. The framework is well enough along that I have finished this part of the process.

But that's only a fraction of the process in a completed idle game.
Now a theme needs to be chosen. Graphics need to be bought or made. Is it 2d, or is it 3d? Restructuring the interface needs to fit the game. There are many boxes to tick when producing a single idle game. When creating systems to repurpose to build many, having the framework finished is a step in the right direction toward that goal, but there is still plenty to decide.
So, where do I start? What theme do I choose? I have plenty of ideas and concepts. I even have the Be All End All Idle Game of the Universe in my head. That isn't feasible for time, turnaround, and cost when I already own a trucking business and run my game business from the sleeper of my truck.

I need something with the least amount of animation. I don't have a big budget. This kind of approach will even keep specific graphic options open like buying stock graphics or hiring an artist for only still art. I am also considering finding someone who loves the concept and willing to collaborate for a profit share. Viewing all these angles has guided me into a direction.


Physics can "animate" a game without actually having animation.
Thus is born… "Idle Pinball". (the game takes a new direction and is renamed in DevLog 009) Registered on the app store in iOS, tvOS, and macOS.

Here is a peek at the framework I have built. I will likely expand it with more features. I need to copy this unity project and rename it "Idle Pinball" to get started on making more specific design choices.

Please come along with me on the journey. This is going to be fun.


BOLT, Unity

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