January 13

Idle Arcade Tycoon DevLog 021


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Off the road, working local as a bus driver, and finishing the game...

Here comes the Testflight!

Version 0.0.21

About this version:

  1. Goals System now properly tracks and saves total generator count goals.
  2. City 2 is in place but is just a placeholder for now until we polish some other systems up, then I’ll get more cities designed.
  3. The idle math is still being tweaked for ideal player experience, the systems are sophisticated and in place, I’m just tweaking the variables at this point.
  4. Reward video buttons will not actually play any ads so “watch” as many as you like.
  5. Application now adjusts to screen size for all UI with “aspect smart” camera zooming for city locations and arcade machine groups.
  6. Feedback Feedback Feedback… more on the way!  We are in polish mode so it will get juicier and juicier!

Known Issues:

  1. All voice overs are male, even for female characters… female VO is on the list and coming soon.
  2. Doing a prestige reset to the next city leaves some goal data behind, that system is being refined and will operate correctly soon.  The reset works, you’ll just find some of your goals will be met already.
  3. The claw machine sound timing seems to be a little off on devices, working on that timing issue… also it only plays with the animation if you watch a reward video, not if you pay tokens and will play with both when the timing issue gets refined.


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