April 6

Idle Arcade Tycoon DevLog 022


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One of the advantages of being a member of RisingHighAcademy.com is having your game played on the Friday live event and getting feedback from everyone in real-time.  It's a big deal.  There was so much that needed attention and improvement that I'm glad to be part of such a great community of developers.

No video this time, just the fix log for the new Testflight. Combining what I was already working on with my fellow developers' feedback made it a huge update.

Version 0.0.23

About this version:

  1. City now starts small and grows with unlocked locations
  2. Replaced Tycoon report and shop button text with icons on city scene
  3. Moved MultiBuy button to top of build panel in location scene
  4. Replaced focus, highlight, build, upgrades, shop, and city button text with icons
  5. Machine Groups UI elements now alternate color
  6. Location Decor Color Changes on early locations
  7. Tycoon Report now only shows data for open locations
  8. Daily gift increased from 5 tokens to 10 tokens
  9. Reward Video Timewarps increased from 30 to 60 minutes of profit rewarded
  10. Fixed - Location Information now shows max machines and max generators
  11. Fixed - Prestige bonus decreasing with spending
  12. Fixed - Arcade machine selection audible feedback restored
  13. Fixed - While collecting goal reward coins all other buttons are disabled to prevent interrupting the collection
  14. Fixed - Entering the Gacha (Claw Machine) scene from main menu will now properly award offline earnings
  15. Removed - Tutorial
  16. Added - Female voiceover for female characters
  17. Added - Check for internet connection
  18. Added - Addressable Assets for math and location pricing (remote tweaks without the need to push a build)
  19. Added - Bowling
  20. Added - Modified AI Behavior in extra large rooms
  21. Added - During a 10x boost there is now graphical feedback on each generator to make what is happening more obvious
  22. Added - Upgrade Count goals
  23. Added - Specific Machine Group goals
  24. Added - “Chances Left” counter to claw machine scene
  25. Added - Player can now see location name inside the arcade
  26. Added - Locations now give feedback on city button when the location is maxed out and city expansion is available
  27. Added - Tycoon report and Location selected panel now show metrics in red unless total metric = max metric (1 / 3 is red, 3 / 3 is white)
  28. Added - Clouds in city view
  29. Added - Street signs for each location
  30. Added - Location tile has a surrounding color to correspond to an open or closed location
  31. Added - Buying a new location now displays grand opening sequence
  32. Added - Maxing out all locations now has a feedback sequence for the prestige reset being available
  33. Added - Collecting goal rewards now has a feedback animation of adding tokens to the tokens panel total.
  34. Added - Haptic feedback for collection of goal coins.
  35. Added - Generator Speed Milestone feedback that makes it more obvious what those numbers are for since the tutorial was removed
  36. Added - Push Notifications
  37. Added - Placeholder for City IAP in shop (different “Challenge Cities” and “Event Cities” to come later including being the one playing the machines)
  38. Added - GDPR
  39. Added - Coin Boost now forces open build panel so generators show boost feedback
  40. Added - Systems for Crowd Cheering in Tournament style locations
  41. Ongoing Math tweaks to balance player experience and monetization



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