March 12

Scrum Talk Daily # 10


Scrum Talk Daily - # 10
Scrum Core Values # 5 - Courage

"The Scrum Team members have the courage to do the right thing, to work on tough problems."

I love this one. Courage wraps up the Core Values nicely because I believe in ties into other values. I also believe that "tough problems" does not just mean coding and designing.

Does one need to exercise Courage to exercise Openness? I think so. Admitting we might not know how to do something might make us look less than perfect... that terrifies some of us.

What about Commiting to using Scrum properly? When it comes to change, and especially an Agile Transormation, Courage is a big deal. People fear change. It's uncomfortable. Courage isn't a lack of fear, it's the bravery in action despite not knowing the outcome.

Courage to do the "right thing" is a muscle we have to flex and keep in shape.

When have you seen a team member display courage in the face of a "tough problem"? When have you been afraid but did "the right thing" anyway?

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