March 22

Scrum Talk Daily # 16


Scrum Talk Daily - # 16
So why Scrum?

Products can run over budget, over schedule, and be outdated before they release.

Gamedev anyone?

So how can this be avoided?

Ever heard of "test early, test often"? What about "Community Driven Iteration"? If not, here's the nutshell...

Find the biggest impact you can make with the smallest financial risk, test it, get feedback, adjust, and do it again... and again... and again.

Along the way, release what adheres to your team's Definition of Done, and give the customer value they can use. Monetize early.

Eventually, you end up a finished product you know your customer wants because they told you what to build through the whole process. You gave them the biggest impact along the way with the least amount of risk, you tailored it to their demands, and your team slowly widdled their way down to polish, all while monetizing the product and your team improving their processes so they can be even better at it going forward with new products.

Is there a better way to make sure your organization is producing products cheaper, faster, and with better user acceptance? Has your organization adopted Scrum? Why not?

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