March 24

Scrum Talk Daily # 18


Scrum Talk Daily - # 18
The 3 Empirical Scrum Pillars # 1 - Transparency

Yesterday we talked about Empiricism being the foundation of Scrum. So where does transparency come in?

If we're not completely honest and open (transparency) about the data and/or experience, the observation (inspection) and new direction (adaptation) are skewed.

With Scrum, important decisions are based on the perceived state of its three formal artifacts (more on those next week) and not just artifacts but all data. What about your experience this past Sprint? Is that data you have been transparent about?

The more transparent (read available) the data, the better the decisions. This is the key to mitigating risk and improving the Scrum Team's effectiveness.

Remember the core values of Scrum: Focus, Openness, Commitment, Courage, and Respect? What core values need to be exercised to keep data, artifacts, experience, and more, transparent? As a Scrum Master, how have you helped the organization be more transparent? How has this helped its effectiveness?

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