March 26

Scrum Talk Daily # 20


Scrum Talk Daily - # 20
The 3 Empirical Scrum Pillars # 3 - Adaptation

After inspection, we found something that needs a new trajectory for the product (or process) that would bring value to the customer (or team). Now what?

Adaptation is a simple concept but oftentimes, and especially at larger companies, it's ignored. Experienced Scrum Masters find that it isn't transparency or inspection keeping a company from adjusting, it's choosing not to adapt.

If any aspects of a process deviate outside acceptable limits or if the resulting product is unacceptable, the process being applied or the materials being produced must be adjusted as soon as possible to minimize further deviation.

If we don't take action, we deviate more and more?

Adaptation becomes more difficult when the people involved are not empowered or self-managing.

When the monster is too big and hairy in a command and control culture, does it become too complex for those doing the controlling to make a change? Is your team in a situation where you can see what needs to be changed but you are not empowered to take action?

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