January 20

About Heath Close

Having developed many Games over the last 5 years for both clients, companies, and himself, Heath is knowledgable in multiple development platforms and game engines including both visual scripting and code, and is also fluent in Game Design philosophies and techniques.

With over 25 years as a Sound Designer Heath has produced musicians, coached and directed voice talent, and has a strong background in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio as well as creating sounds from scratch. He also has experience implementing FMOD and Wwise in Unity, as well as manipulating them with C#.

Heath has helped ship 2 games and is Lead Game Designer on a 3rd about to ship, and is well versed in Unity.

His infectious positivity and desire to assist others has made him a community pillar everywhere he gets involved.

Able to code with visual scripting and in C#, he continues to study Game Design and all that would aid him to do some good in the world using the experience of play. 

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