Hi there!  My name is Heath Close, I’m an Indie Developer and Sound Designer living in Fort Worth, TX, and it is my mission in life to make games that make change. To push some good out into the world using the art of Game Design.

In preparation of this worthy work…

I have been working with audio for over 25 years now.

I’ve specialized in Linear Post Audio, I’ve Produced musicians, coached and directed voice talent, and have a strong background in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio as well as creating sounds from scratch.

I’ve been involved with Game Design for over 5 years now and have developed many games and prototypes for myself and clients, learned to code in C#, and have extensive knowledge of the Unity game engine.  I have experience with FMOD and Wwise in creating audible scenery and alluring experiences.

Aside from the countless personal and client projects that never saw a commercial release, I’ve worked with teams to ship 2 games and am currently Lead Game Designer for a 3rd about to ship, with a 4th started, as I am developing an RPG for both Mac and PC.

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