Examples of Development

In this demo reel, I do a complete audio replacement of the gameplay audio in Borderlands 3’s DLC “Guns, Love, and Tentacles.” I did not use any original gameplay audio.
Finally started on coding the systems in Unity for interactive music in FMOD.  Right now the music changes when you start combat or when you take damage, and changes back when out of combat. More sound design and FMOD implementation examples – https://www.mrheathclose.com/category/devlog/

Audio Design Sample – Upcoming iOS game by Heath Close. (music removed)

Wwise implementation of interactive audio in Unity project.
Recording, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering Spoken Word.
A ten part video series that Buildbox hired me to create for them where I ship a game I build from scratch while teaching their game engine.
FPS Prototype. Yes… that’s a wand.
Bruce Lee: Dragon Run is a game I helped developed and ship by tuning and polishing levels and gameplay mechanics. (level design, game design)
Tower Defense Prototype.
The third series of videos I was hired to do to teach the Buildbox game engine.
Lander Prototype.
GLTCH is a game I developed and shipped when a Game Engine company approached me to teach their software to the masses in a video series.
Rail Shooter Prototype.
A 6 part series teaching the Buildbox Game Engine – this was my first series teaching Buildbox.
Idle Arcade Tycoon by Heath Close