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Hey, thanks for stopping in!  I'm Heath Close.

I'm a Certified Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master specializing in Agile Game Development using Scrum and Kanban.  I'm also an Apple Featured Product Manager and have been a Sound Designer for over 27 years.  I share my creative journey on my blog by posting about using Scrum in Game Development, Devlogs (game development blogs), and by sharing my work in my portfolio.  Poke around, and enjoy yourself.  If you like what you see, consider subscribing, so you get notified of new blog content in an email.

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Game Development

I have been a Product Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Developer, Lead Game Designer, Producer, Sound Designer, Project Manager, and even a Game Engine Instructor.  In my own projects, I have been featured by Apple in "New Games We Love" in 12 countries.  Having developed many Games over the last 6 years for both clients, companies, and myself, I'm knowledgable in multiple development platforms and game engines and also fluent in Game Design philosophies and techniques.

Sound Designer

With over 27 years as a Sound Designer I have produced musicians, coached and directed voice talent, and have a strong background in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio as well as creating sounds from scratch.


I am well versed in Unity and C#, know my way around Jira, and currently learning LUA and Roblox Studio.  I also know visual scripting systems like Playmaker and BOLT.  I have years of experience with a multitude of Digital Audio Workstations like Logic Pro, Reason, and Ableton Live, to name a few.  With expertise in implementing audio middleware into Unity, I can take a game from silent to professional with either FMOD or Wwise.


I leverage my infectious positive attitude, people skills, and drive to lead or teach teams how to create an Agile Environment in Game Development using Scrum and Kanban.  Paired with my desire to make a positive change in the world through the art of gameplay,  I continue to study all aspects of Scrum and Kanban along with Game Design and Development to aid me on this path.

They Say

Ciprian Bojin

"Heath is multi-talented, super humble, and one of the best sound designers I have ever had the privilege to work with. His professionalism, positive leadership, rigorous attention to detail, and ingenious problem-solving skills make him a fantastic person to have in your team."

Kevin Wostenholme

"As a valued member of our Academy, Heath is constant source of inspiration and is always willing to go above and beyond to help others. Following his gamedev journey has been incredible and I'm in awe of how far he’s grown in knowledge and skills."

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