September 13

Idle Arcade Tycoon Update 1.0.4


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Couple new updates since I last posted with more on the way!

Thank you to those of you who have given feedback, I have made changes as per your suggestions. I hope it is an even better experience for you now.

I have more new features coming that adds more depth to the game, but for now, 1.0.4 is now live, and here's what's new...



  • Prestige Restructure! 
  • Prestige reset now starts your game over with a bonus multiplier and is now completely unlinked with progression or loading new cities.
  • Boosted prestige math calculations 10x
  • Added prestige info panel inside tycoon report panel
  • “Bugs / Crashes / Reset” button added to main menu settings panel.  Use this to restart the game with fresh data if you experience any issues from crashes or bugs.
  • Added a weblink in reset game dialogue for bug reporting.
  • You can now report bugs at


  • Fixed prestige math calculating incorrect bonus.
  • Fixed a bug that would miscalculate purchased prestige boosts after a prestige reset was initiated.
  • Fixed a bug where purchased prestige boosts weren’t being saved properly after subsequent resets.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when when watching or skipping an ad for a 10x boost in any location.
  • Fixed a bug that would hide the claw machine button on main menu while timer was still active
  • Fixed the location of “A New City is Available” scrolling text on taller phones when the next city is available.
  • Fixed minor graphical bug where “Skip Video” text wasn’t moving with the buttons.



  • Added an in-app purchase that allows skipping ads forever!
  • Added a way to restore purchases in the main menu settings panel.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash while playing the Claw Machine



  • Lowered location price of Jilly Dr. (City 1 Loc 4)


  • Fixed another bug that could cause a crash to occur when loading City 2



  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading City 2

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