March 9

Scrum Talk Daily # 7


Scrum Talk Daily - # 7
Scrum Core Values # 2 - Focus

A Scrum Team's primary focus is on the work of the Sprint to make the best possible progress toward their goals.

What other things are there to focus on? How about a meeting? How often does your daily scrum turn into a "fact-finding question fest" for a detailed 360° explanation of a blocker? Should it?

What about the future? How much time should be involved with mapping out unknowns? It's often better to focus on what is known to deliver an increment than to analyze ad nauseam what the team will do one day. The unknowns will come into... focus... later.

How have you had to change to focus on the correct priority? What about your team? Are your daily scrum meetings focused? Why or why not?

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